Oddeo Netwerx is proud to present Danny U4IK’’s first official Techno release: The Mask.

“The Mask” is a deep, dark warehouse techno track with an eerily calm and intentionally awkward vocal overlay. The low kick lays the foundation for a stabby hook that gives this track its unique style.

“Oxygen” is also a dark warehouse techno track. This track has a distinct bass line that hammers the speakers, accompanied by atmospheric samples and accents that bounce and echo between metal walls. This track was also selected as a staff favorite on in 2015.

The Vector Persona remix of Oxygen is a perfect compliment to its original. The kick turns to a punch in this version, while the electro influence from Vector Persona on the atmospherics adds a twist that pays respect to the original, but stands on its own.


  • Danny U4IK - The Mask
  • Danny U4IK - Oxygen
  • Vector Persona - Oxygen (Vector Persona Remix)

Full video and purchase links below