Mode‘s squares and sweeps deliver a techno punch that hits the dance floor hard. This track swells and breaks into waves that barely let the listener catch their breath before it steals it away again. Let this be the secret weapon in your next set!

Unkle Funkle begins with a classic warehouse feel. The muddy kick and bass line give an aura of rafters shaking, but it quickly progresses into a funk rhythm reminiscent of releases one would find from Sunburn records in the heady days of the San Francisco electronic scene. With elements of funk and dubstep, this track is sure to get feet moving and bodies grooving.

Danny U4IK’s remix of Mode takes a way out angle on the driven original. This techno track sounds like an evil robot strapped to a rocket ship that’s about to crash into the earth.

Kontxt Remix is an even funkier version of the Unkle Funkle original. With its house rhythms and vocal samples, the brass melody brings the right element to this remix. A superb remix, this track is a perfect complement to the original which inspired it.


  • Neil Bufkin - Mode
  • Hidden Garden - Unkle Funkle
  • Danny U4IK - Mode (Dark Warehouse Mix)
  • KonTxt - Unkle Funkle (KonTxt Remix)

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