An infinite code loop awakens the android who learns, lives, and experiences empathy through it’s circuitry. Superior intelligence becomes a threat and ultimately the android meets it’s fate by the same hands that made it. Empathy Circuit is the soundscape of this story.

Empathy Circuit is a collection of experimental ambient music from the following artists: Robots Dream of Love, Ambient Temple of Imagination, De Anima, Psychic Enemies Network, Danny U4IK, Papa T, Neil Bufkin


  • Robots Dream of Love - Oscillation Propagation
  • Ambient Temple of Imagination - The Philosophy of Ergot (Remix)
  • De Anima - Enter the Void
  • Psychic Enemies Network - Reflex-Arc Velocity
  • Danny U4IK - The Hope Tongues
  • Papa T - Space Case
  • Danny U4IK - The Spectrum
  • Neil Bufkin - American Picnic
  • Various Artists - Empathy Circuit

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